What are the required documents to open an individual trading account?

Permanently deleted user
Permanently deleted user

Typically, users need to provide Proof of Identify (PoI) and a recent Proof of Address (PoA) to pass our account opening process requirements.

Our requirements for identity verification includes:
1. Proof of Identity. Here, you may provide a National Identification Card, Passport, Driver’s License, or other government-issued identification document containing the following information:

  • Identification document number
  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Date of expiry

2.Proof of Address. This could be any letter recently received at home from a formal institution, displaying your full name and address. It could be:

  • a utility Bill, Phone Bill, Bank Statement, Internet Bill, Rental Agreement etc. (within the last three months).
  • a valid Photo ID with the address

When providing proof of address, it should be a full document format, clearly displaying the name and address (PO Boxes not accepted).

For Australian clients, beyond the documents required, you will also be invited to participate in a quick online questionnaire to test your basic trading knowledge.

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