Can I fund with PayPal?

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Absolutely! You can fund your account instantly using PayPal. Please follow the following:
Login to your client portal under “Funding Management” :

  1. Select the trading account you want to fund, and click “deposit“;
  2. Then choose the “PayPal and other funding” method and enter the amount you want to deposit, click “submit“;
  3. Click the “PayPal” method and follow the payment gateway’s instructions.



Please note that PayPal is not available for the following countries: 

Algeria China Japan South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands
Anguilla Colombia Montserrat Suriname
Antigua and Barbuda Costa Rica Morocco Trinidad and Tobago
Aruba Democratic Republic of Congo Netherlands Antilles Saudi Arabia
Argentina Dominica Nicaragua Tunisia
Bahamas Dominican Republic Niger Turkey
Barbados Ecuador Nigeria Turks and Caicos Islands
Belize El Salvador Panama USA
Belgium Falkland Islands Paraguay Venezuela
Bermuda Grenada Peru Virgin Islands (British)
Bolivia Guyana Puerto Rico Virgin Islands (USA)
Brazil Haiti Saint Kitts and Nevis India
Canada Honduras Saint Lucia  
Cayman Islands Jamaica Saint Vincent and the Grenadines  

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