I have already downloaded the Metatrader Platform. How do I log in to my Live Trading Account?

Permanently deleted user
Permanently deleted user

Upon successful registration, you will have received an account approval email notification containing the Live trading account login name and password (i.e., login name “8*****” and password is “XXXXX”).

Now, open your MT4 platform. Note: the system might ask you to open an account. You can click “X” to exit this page if necessary. On the top left corner of the platform, select “File“, “Login” and then type your login name and password. Next, type or select “FXTRADING.com-Live” in the Server field, then click login. When you hear a confirmation sound (a ‘ding’), your account number will appear in the upper left corner. If the Market Watch prices are regularly refreshing, and the correct balance is showing in the terminal section, you have successfully logged into your real account.

Please see the below short videos.


If you have problems logging in, please contact customer service at FXTRADING.com.

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