Why should I open an account account with FXTRADING.COM (FXT)?

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FXTRADING.com (FXT), a trading name of Gleneagle Securities, serves the diverse needs of sophisticated market participants and institutes ranging from retail clients, funds managers and high net worth clients, through to global investment firms and funds.


FXTRADING.com offers cutting-edge trading with the most competitive pricing. Furthermore, we offer broad product diversity, partly thanks to our roots in institutional brokerage. The mode we use, Direct Market Access, ensures clients can access markets directly, as well as offers complete transparency. We maintain secure relationships with top-tier liquidity providers to ensure clients get ultra-low spreads, immense market depth and lightning-speed execution—nearly 100% of trades are executed in milliseconds. We offer various diverse trading instruments (over 10,000) to match your trading desires, including Forex, Energies, Indices, Metals, Commodities, Cryptos.


We want you to learn from your past trades. As such, we provide all our clients with analytical tools, stats, and feedback on their statistically measured performance. These components are critical to a trader’s success.


FXTRADING.com traders rely on updates and information being rapid and trustworthy. With this in mind, we have integrated the most reputable research and media channels, offering our traders the most prompt, highest-quality information for their analysis and trading.


We also provide advanced trading tools at FXTRADING.com to help you achieve your trading success, examples of trading tools are:

    • Analyst Views – Daily, weekly and monthly trading pattern recognition
    • Strategy Newsletter – Technical & Fundamental analysis across all major instruments
    • Market Sentiment – A concise and accurate view of the market sentiment
    • Advanced Economic Calendar – Price & Volatility forecast generated by AI algorithm.
    • and many more…


Instant funding options. You can instantly deposit to your trading account through various funding options at FXTRADING.com.


We care about your risk. Our dynamic leverage function ensures you only trade within your tolerable risk level.


At FXTRADING.com, client experience and satisfaction are critical. Our Help Centre and Livechat offer around the clock solutions to your questions.


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